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Cyber Security

Data Security is a vital component of organisation's infrastructure

Hackers deploy many techniques to steal passwords in their attempt to gain access to your systems.

In many companies, IT departments are simply failing to provide adequate access controls to employees using their internal and cloud-based systems.

Poor authentication strategies and their implementation can leave you compromised. Authentication breach and loss of user data can lead to the permanent shutdown of the business or organisation.

Critical to every organisation’s success is its ability to protect proprietary information and customer data, from those who can abuse it.

In today’s dynamic digital environment, cyber security challenges pose a grave risk. Ransomware attacks and identity thefts are making headlines every day, pressing on organisations to safeguard their important data. Data breaches are potentially damaging for companies, resulting in financial loss and disrepute.




All leading corporates, bank on us to ensure security for their users

Single sign-on Software

A state-of-the-art security suite, ARX offers end-to-end security in user identification, authentication, single sign-on and entitlements.

We bring in our expertise from a vast variety of industries and deploy it on your premise, to address your customers’ concerns about their data leaving their premises.



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User Management User Management
User Management

Limit the amount of damage an employee acting inappropriately or maliciously can do with existing privileges.


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User Management

User Management

ARX helps you onboard new users quickly and make them productive by giving them the required privileges. Along with Security Suite features like authentication, access controls, privileges, single sign-on & security policies and activity auditing across organisation, you can also perform:

  • Bulk onboarding with exact required privileges
  • Deboarding at ease without any worries
  • With maker-checker workflow, you will now be absolutely sure who is going to do what and what not


Visibility, Detection and Response Visibility, Detection and Response
Visibility, Detection and Response

A major challenge of a good incident response program is balancing the need for visibility, detection and response with the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a usable and effective security stack.


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Visibility, Detection and Response

Visibility, Detection and Response

With life cycle-managed users, Access Controls and Authorisation Access can be easily managed and mapped. With a maker-checker workflow, you will now have the visibility on how that is done and by whom. With a clear visibility and detection mechanism in place, you can respond to any threat, which otherwise could have left you exposed.

  • One-stop shop for single login for users and one unified identity infrastructure for IT
  • You can integrate with your existing security tools
  • Maker-checker workflow helps you identify unusual and suspicious behaviours
  • ARX API services can be used to enrich and extend your cyber security ecosystem; this is supported by helping you generate extensive reports for a deep dive into what is happening
  • You can easily integrate your existing application with ARX using REST APIs for:
    • Primary Authentication
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • User Management
    • Password Management
    • Validate and Get Entitlement
  • Role-based access control: Granular application-level access controls, using entitlement policies that can be assigned to roles
    • Users get access to resources based on their role. Access rights are grouped by role name, and access to resources is restricted to users who have been authorised to assume the associated role
Enforce Strong Authentication Enforce Strong Authentication
Enforce Strong Authentication

Multi-factor authentication, a security system that verifies a user’s identity with multiple credentials.


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Enforce Strong Authentication

Enforce Strong Authentication

Traditional usernames and passwords can be stolen, and they’ve become increasingly vulnerable to brute force attacks. MFA creates multiple layers of security, resulting in efficient and diligent authentication. This ensures that the users requesting access are actually who they claim to be.

With MFA, a cybercriminal may steal one credential, but will be thwarted by having to verify identity in a different manner. MFA is an effective way to provide enhanced security for all your IT resources including cloud, on-premise and mobile.

  • We help you enable ‘MFA Everywhere’ on-premise with our strong integration support
  • Starting from simple question-answers to fingerprint authentication and random pin generation device, you can deploy any of these for your MFA needs. All these can be configured using easy steps


Single Login Single Login
Single Login

Single sign-on (SSO) enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by logging in only once—with just one set of credentials (username and password).


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Single Login

Single Login

Remembering multiple passwords can be quite taxing. This may result in creating easy and vulnerable passwords for better recall.

There is an easy solution to this – use the same user id and password across all systems that you are going to use. By centralising user id and password management, identity systems use a single sign-on to help users have a strong password and use the same across all systems.

With ARX,

  • We provide efficient, cost-effective and nimble identity infrastructure for IT
  • Help users increase their productivity as they can seamlessly connect to multiple IT resources using the same credentials
  • Mitigate risk of having lost, weak and shared passwords, by restricting access to services via various intelligent integrations like OAuth, SAML, and RSA




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